• Defense Forum Foundation's Congressional Foreign Policy Webinar Western Sahara: The Ongoing Human Rights Tragedy in North Africa
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  • DFF Forum On Web Enabled Hong Kong Activists to participate from three continents.
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  • DFF Fellow Johnny Park translates for Scholte's presentation before Korean American audience
  • Visit to South Korean Embassy to Plea for Refugees in China
  • Covid could not stop Save North Korean Refugees Candlelight Vigil at PRC Embassy
  • 2021 Washingtonian Award Ceremony for Potomac Forum
  • DFF Forum Speaker Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center with DFF President Scholte and Vice Chairman Honorable Tidal W. McCoy
  • Former Governor Kim Moon Soo presents DFF President Suzanne Scholte Award at the Truth Forum in Seoul
  • Free North Korea Radio staff with DFF President Suzanne Scholte
  • Delivering Petition to PRC Embassy on Save North Korean Refugees Day
  • CSIS Hosts NKFW Panel Session on How North Korean Women Created the Free Market System
  • North Korea Freedom Week delegation at the White House
  • North Korea Freedom Week delegation with our Japanese Colleagues
  • Delivering a petition calling for Morocco's Withdrawal from Western Sahara
  • North Korea Freedom Week Opening Ceremony at the Korean National Assembly
  • Delivering Petition to Chinese Embassy with KIM Tae Hoon to Save North Korean Refugees
  • Sending Rice Bottles to North Korea During North Korea Freedom Week
  • Suzanne with Nelson Mandela's Grandson at Western Sahara Solidarity Conference Algiers
  • Suzanne Scholte and soldier of the North Korea People's Liberation Front at NKFW Wreath Laying Ceremony
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  • DFF Chairman Ambassador J. William Middendorf II with former President Ronald Reagan
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  • Sahrawi Republican President, the late Mohamed Abdelaziz, with DFF President Suzanne Scholte at the Western Sahara conference in Algiers
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  • DFF is Proud to Chair the North Korea Freedom Coalition
  • Scholte accepts Seoul Peace Prize from Chul Seung Lee
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  • Suzanne Scholte and Kim Seong Min preparing to broadcast to North Korea on Free North Korea Radio
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  • DFF President Suzanne Scholte hugs wife of man abducted by North Korea during the Korean War at North Korea Freedom Week in Seoul
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  • DFF President Suzanne Scholte, Moon Gook Han and Choi Sung-yong prepare to send another balloon filled with pamphlets and money to North Korea at Freedom Bridge near the DMZ.
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  • South Korean Ambassador Y.J. Choi Presents Suzanne Scholte with the Sunghye Diplomatic Service Medal
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  • Protesting Against Morocco's Illegal Occupation Western Sahara at the Moroccan Embassy in Washington, D.C.
  • DFF President Suzanne Scholte at Sahrawi Refugee Camp, Algeria
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  • During DFF's Capitol Hill Forum, Kim Seong Min shows the North Korean cell phone that Free North Korea Radio's contacts smuggled out of North Korea
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Coming Events - Updates - Important Information

Luncheon Topic:
"Never Again" Has Become Again and Again:
Rise of Antisemitisim and What Must Be Done
Rabbi Abraham Cooper
President and CEO, Center for Security Policy
For four decades, Rabbi Cooper has overseen the Wiesenthal Center's international social action agenda which includes addressing worldwide anti-Semitism, monitoring the rise of extremist groups and Nazi crimes, promoting Interfaith Relations, thwarting the anti-Israel Divestment campaign, and promoting worldwide tolerance education. He is widely recognized as a pioneer and international authority on issues related to digital hate and the Internet. Considered one of the world's most influential Rabbis, he regularly meets with world leaders, including Pope Francis, presidents and foreign ministers to defend the rights of the Jewish people, combat terrorism and promote interfaith relations. Rabbi Cooper will address strategies and the role the U.S. Congress can play in what Pope Francis recently described as "resurgent, barbaric anti-semitism."
When: MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 2020, 12 noon - 1 :15 pm
Where: 2043 Rayburn House Office Building, Capitol Hill
RSVP REQUIRED: (acceptances only) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone to 703-534-4313 by Friday, Jan 31st to attend this forum.
*DFF's Defense and Foreign Policy Forums were established in 1983 to provide Congressional staff the opportunity to hear from expert speakers in a nonpartisan, collegial atmosphere on important issues facing the United States and her allies.