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Defense Forum Foundation's Congressional Foreign Policy Webinar
Western Sahara: The Ongoing Human Rights Tragedy in North Africa
The UN'S failure: Why We Are Where We Are Today
Eyewitness to MINURSO: Katlyn Thomas, highest ranking U.S. civilian overseeing legal matters for the Referendum
Eyewitness to Current Stalemate: Ambassador Christopher Ross, UN's Special Envoy on WS (2009-2017)
The Current Situation: Life Today for the Sahrawi People
Human Rights in Western Sahara reporting from Amit Dadon of Amnesty International, Mustafa Kassem Fellow for Middle East, North Africa, Amnesty International
Footage from the Refugee Camps and commentary by Professor Vivian Solana, Assistant Professor at Carleton University's Department of Sociology & Anthropology
Why Democrats and Republicans Should Care
A perspective from the Left: Bill Fletcher, long time trade unionist, writer and past president of TransAfrica Forum
A perspective from the Right: Suzanne Scholte, president of Defense Forum Foundation and Seoul Peace Prize Laureate
*DFF's Defense and Foreign Policy Forums were established in 1983 to provide Congressional staff the opportunity to hear from expert speakers in a nonpartisan, collegial atmosphere on important issues facing the United States and her allies.