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                                                                                  Statement from Sultana Jaya

A delegation from the US Embassy begins today a visit to Western Sahara and which will last for one day to monitor the reality of the people of Western Sahara to the human rights, economic and social aspect. The delegation contacted me through mediators to meet me and learn about my circumstances as a human rights activist from Western Sahara a where I live under house arrest in my home in Boujdour. Western Sahara. This is so because of my human rights positions, as I am a victim of many violations such as rape, torture and raiding of my house several times accompanied with confiscation of everything from furniture, electricity meter, clothes, phones and appliances, add to that : the destruction of what is left, throwing garbage at us, splashing toxic foul-smelling substance in front of the house..etc.

Incredible things in the twenty-first century are happening here right under the nose of the MINURSO while the whole world watches in silence and complicity.
However, the American officials succumbed to Moroccan pressure to prevent them from visiting me and seeing my reality with my family,
In fact an embassy official asked to meet me in El-Ayoun, Western Sahara, a kind of denial of the reality in which I live in, and in response to this and for the sake of credibility, I am sending you videos recorded on 09/29/2021 - 09/30/2021 to show you the siege of the house and the unmasked reality which Moroccan occupation tries to hide.
These videos show is a proof of the realistic documentation of my daily routine on the basis of holding me, being monitored, and preventing me from moving outside my home for more than 319 days.
The videos are shot from inside my house in Boujdour in Western Sahara, and the individuals surrounding the house are officers from the various security services deployed on four sides of my family's house.
I want to inform the international organizations and the press about these facts, nd I consider this my trestimpny about my daily ordeal vis-a-vis the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara.
Unfortunately, today we are paying the price for the policy of the former president, Mr. Trump, by giving Morocco the green light to suppress all voices calling for freedom and justice.
We have great hope in the Biden government to form a voice that defends human rights activists in the world, especially in Western Sahara.

My Regards
Sultana Jaya 
President of the Sahrawi League for Human Rights and Wealth Protection in Boujdour, Western Sahara
Sultana's Note