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Free North Korea Radio Christian Sponsors (pdf)

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Sponsor a Gospel Message and Broadcast to North Korea


The Defense Forum Foundation is seeking support from churches and individual Christians to sponsor the broadcast of Free North Korea Radio, an award winning Seoul based radio station broadcasting news and information into North Korea. Sponsorship ensures that for every hour of broadcast a five to seven minute Christian message is transmitted to North Korea as part of their daily broadcast. Sponsors can prepare their own message or support the existing Christian programming and are recognized for their sponsorship.

According to independent surveys of North Koreans who have escaped, Free North Korea Radio (FNKR) is the most popular radio program that has ever broadcast into North Korea. It is also the most targeted for jamming by the DPRK regime. The FNKR website is also the most popular website in South Korea for information about North Korea. Every day through the FNKR broadcast, North Koreans get vital information and news and hope. Staffed by defectors from North Korea, FNKR’s founder and director, Kim Seong Min, has received international recognition for his work. He is the recipient of the 2009 Asia Democracy and Human Rights Award from the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy and the 2008 Media Award from Reporters Without Borders. The Honorary Chairman of FNKR is Suzanne Scholte, the recipient of the Seoul Peace Prize, Walter Judd Freedom Award, and Sanders Peace and Social Justice, who serves as President of the Defense Forum Foundation. Hwang Jang-yop served with Scholte as Honorary Co-Chair of Free North Korea Radio up until his death in October 2010. The creator of the Juche ideology, Hwang came to believe that only the Gospel message could break the ideological stranglehold of the Kim regime over the North Korean people.

DFF is seeking weekly and monthly sponsors for the daily broadcast that want to ensure that North Koreans are not just getting news, but also getting the GOOD NEWS. All donations are tax-deductible and any donation amount can be applied to sponsor the broadcast – monthly, quarterly or yearly. For example, an individual may choose to donate $250 per month to support the Gospel broadcast while a church may choose to donate $1000 monthly or give a yearly donation. To sponsor a full hour of programming costs just $250 per hour, $1750 per week or $7,750 per month. Sponsors will receive full recognition during the broadcast for their support. Weekly and monthly 2015 sponsorships are available now! Sponsors can record their own Christian message or sponsor the available Christian programming which includes Bible readings, sermons prepared by both North and South Korean Pastors, and Christian music.

Background: DFF, a U.S. non profit, has been in the forefront of promoting freedom and human rights for the people of North Korea since 1996. In 2003, DFF was instrumental in supporting the establishment of the first radio program broadcasting into North Korea that was exclusively managed and produced by North Korean defectors: Free North Korea Radio (FNKR). Established by North Korean defector, Kim Seong Min, as an Internet broadcast, FNKR began a one hour shortwave broadcast in 2006 with DFF’s support. FNKR has become the most listened-to radio program among North Koreans confirming DFF’s belief that there is nothing more powerful than North Koreans living in freedom in South Korea reaching out to North Koreans living in enslavement under Kim Jong-Un. 


For more information, contact: 

Suzanne Scholte, Defense Forum Foundation

3014 Castle Road, Falls Church, Virginia 22044

Phone: 703-534-4313

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Click here for pdf information in Korean