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Free North Korea Radio was recently contacted by a listener living outside of the Korean Peninsula to let FNKR staff he enjoyed the Christmas Broadcast and that the program could be heard loud and clear all the way in Japan! The message is featured below, with the name of the listener struck out for privacy reasons.


제목Reception Report from Japan

Dear sirs

My name is -----------.  Since I received your broadcast, I will report.  I am a listener of your broadcasting in Japan.  I have sent you a reception report twice by postal mail in the past, It was returned due to no address.  Therefore, I will send report by E-mail just this once.

Yours sincerely,




Dear Sirs,

It is with great pleasure that I report reception of your broadcasting as follows;

Station:    Free North Korea Radio

Date:      December 24, 2016        

Time:      21:30-22:00 Korean time (12:30-13:00 UTC)

Frequency: 9355kHz                      

Language:  Korean

Signal strength strong

Interference nil                                                         

Noise slight

Propagation disturbance slight                             

Overall meritgood

* I can always receive this broadcast with good condition like a local station in Japan without any interference. 

Details of your programs, proving that I really heard your station:

(Because I don't understand Korean, I added the comment to the program.)

Time         Program details

21:30        Drama

* There was explanation by a man, and music and chorus were played in this drama.  

* Name "Maria" was sometimes heard.

* This program seems like a special Christmas program.

21:44        Song by a female vocal  and then, talk by a male announcer

21:56        Very short song - "You raise me up" by a male vocal and then, 

                  short talk by a female announcer

21:57        Popular song by a female vocal

21:59        Sign off

22:00        Carrier off

Receiver:  ICOM  IC-R75 (Triple superheterodyne receiver)

          I use a noise eliminating in-line module to reduce the noise. (NEIM1031 made of BHI)

Antenna:  Loop  Antenna (14meters high)

          I use an antenna tuner to provide a better electrical match of antenna to receiver.

I am very glad to receive your broadcasting. This broadcast is not for Japan, but I report that your station can be received even in Japan. Japan is a nearby country in North Korea. So it would be greatly appreciated when the reception condition in this report becomes your technical help. If the details in this report are found to correspond with your station log, I would appreciate very much to receive your QSL card or a letter or reply by E-mail will be fine. Such a document would also serve as a nice remembrance of contact with your station.

I don't know if you are interested in hearing from foreign listeners other than target area, but I hope so. I eagerly await your reply.

Best wishes to your staff.

Sincerely yours,