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Report on Soellal Messages to North Korea 2018 PLUS Messages

15 Members of Congress Sent Messages for Seollal for Free North Korea Radio's Broadcast to North Korea: Please click here for a report and the messages broadcast to North Korea on Free North Korea Radio from Members of Congress for the Korean New Year - this was the greatest number that had ever participated before, and North Koreans reacted powerfully to these messages.  So while the DPRK was blocking out any news about the Olympics, North Koreans were hearing these wonderful messages of hope and good will.  One example: a reaction from a retired Korean Workers Party member in the DPRK who said the messages: "were more beautiful than any poetry, any phrase and any love in the world...please give my thanks to the US Members of Congress for not forgetting North Koreans who are under the brutal oppression of Kim Jong-un by sending these messages every year."