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Letters from America

Tragically, North Koreans are brainwashed from childhood to hate Americans, to believe that the USA "occupies" South Korea, and it is America that causes their misery and suffering. To combat these lies, Free North Korea Radio regularly broadcasts heartfelt messages from Americans sharing their love and concerns for the people of North Korea. Members of Congress, Korean War veterans and average citizens have participated in this program.

Messages usually run 50 to 300 words and express what the writer would want to say directly to the people of North Korea. Messages should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Some examples of messages from Americans for Letters from America:

Dear North Koreans: I watched a documentary and a Korean defector said " I wonder if anyone is listening to our pleas!  North Koreans can't speak, can't see, can't listen, can't eat, can't smell.  They're bound by wires like plants. I feel such compassion for them. The world has to save North Korea. We have to speak of it."  That statement moved me and I have not been able to get the stories of your people trying to escape out of my mind.  I cry for you all and I am praying that something will change!  I cannot imagine what any of you are going through.  Please know that I care about all of you! From Mackenzie of Orlando, Florida, in America


Dear North Koreans, I am writing because I recently read a book about a young North Korean who escaped from a political prison camp. He came to live in America and now he has all the food he could ever want, clean fresh clothes, plenty of electricity at night. America is very different from your country. We are not a perfect country, but people are free to talk about their ideas and their opinions. You can live anywhere you want to live, you can even complain about the leaders. I know in your country if you complain about Kim Jong Un you can be executed. But in American, just like in South Korea you can vote for your leaders if you don’t think they are doing a good job. The young man I read about, who escaped from a political prison camp, was so brainwashed by his teachers that he turned in his own mother and brother to the authorities for talking about fleeing North Korea. Just for talking about it! The brother was shot publicly and the mother was hung and stones placed in her mouth to prevent her from speaking out that all she wanted was freedom. Every North Korean is a human being who has worth and value. You deserve to live with dignity. One last thought about America and South Korea - despite what you have been told, we live a life of luxury compared to you. We eat meat and fish and rice to our hearts’ content. Our restaurants in America have something that we call a buffet, where you have rows upon rows of every type of dish imaginable. People sit there for hours upon hours and do nothing but eat. People grow fat and happy from all the food in our country. I hope that you too can soon enjoy the food and prosperity that we have in other parts of the world because you deserve it. With hope in my heart for you, Rachel of Los Angeles, California in America


Hello people of North Korea, My name is Darian, I am a 16 year old girl from Texas, which is a southern state in America. Every night I look up at the sky and I see the stars very high above; the stars seem to watch over us from the night sky. I see them and I think how small this world is and how precious life is. You see the same stars I do at night, we both see the same moon. We both feel love, pain, sadness, hope, desire and compassion. We are all humans, but why is it that while I have so much to be grateful for, some do not have basic human rights. No food, no water, no freedom to think. This is not right. My heart and thoughts will always be with the Korean people. I know they may tell you that as Americans we are bad and evil. This is hate they are trying to spread. Hate is a strange emotion; it kills our soul. So my final request is, don't let hate corrupt you. Foster hope, love, and compassion for these are the things that will save you. While the Kim dictatorship can take away everything from you, it can never take away your hope.


My name is Helen Song and my parents brought me to America when I was 1 1/2 years old from Seoul, Korea so that they could give me everything which they themselves never had.  I am so grateful to them and I am so thankful they made me a strong-independent Korean-American woman. Currently I am living in California and I am sorry that I cannot imagine the pain, suffering, or fear which you have or may feel.  Growing up, the most fear I ever had to deal with was watching a scary movie or television show.  There was never a day I went hungry. After having seen many documentaries and reading many books about the crisis in North Korea I now cannot stop thinking of you.  No matter where I go or who I become, you are my people.  Don't think for a moment that Americans do not care. My Korean name is Hye-Yon and I am on your side because you are my people and I love you deeply.