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Our International Day of Prayer and Fasting during the first day of North Korea Freedom Week 2018 was so powerful we decided to set aside significant dates coming up to pray and fast.   These dates have been set aside...

June 11th: to pray for the planned summit which will be occurring in Singapore on the 12th  --
please pray for God's will to be done for North Korea's freedom; there will be no lies or deception from the enemy; pray for wisdom and strategy for President Trump and for all who are there representing free nations.
June 25th: anniversary of the day North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950 and the Korean War broke out --
pray with thanks that so many gave their lives for South Korea's freedom and to awaken the conscience of South Koreans and others who ignore the suffering in North Korea.
August 15thKorean Liberation Day (this is a hugely significant day as it is one of the few anniversaries both South AND North celebrate)--
pray that North Korea will truly be liberated and be thankful that South Korea has thrived and flourished in freedom!  God has truly given the world an example right before our eyes of how much suffering comes to a people who are prevented from knowing the One True God and who can be imprisoned and executed for worshiping Him.  North Korea regime is known for being the world's greatest persecutor of Christians.

August 25th: anniversary of the foundation of the DPRK by Kim Il Song and the beginning of the Kim family's reign of terror; it will be the 70th year anniversary of the DPRK's establishment --
please pray that the 70 year reign will end and freedom will come at last to the people of North Korea.
As Rev. Thomas Belke, author of JUCHE, in his presentation to the US Congressional Briefing in January stated: fasting and prayer are the key to breaking the status quo impasse in North Korea.  Belke described April 28th as our D Day Assault and Now, that we have stormed the beaches, it is time to liberate the cities and the nation through prayer and fasting for North Korea's FREEDOM.