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News Report Shared by Our Friend Kim Seong-min of Free North Korea Radio

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Title: Landmines purportedly being planted in China-North Korea border areas…” Various Efforts to prevent and monitor defection attempts.”

05.20.2024. reported by Yang Min-chul

The North Korean government directed a relevant military division to plant landmines in border areas.

Kim Seong-min of Free North Korea Radio stated today (the 20th) that the relevant information was included in the document, “2024 January Project Plans,” which appears to have been prepared by the North Korean military unit that has jurisdiction over the area of North Hamgyong Province.

According to the document, it directs the military unit to thoroughly implant landmines in the areas where North Koreans can potentially go through to escape from North Korea.

Earlier, the North Korean government was caught laying landmines in some border areas even during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. However, it is possible that the North Korean government has recently enhanced its efforts to prevent North Koreans’ defection given that the border is now relatively open.

Regarding this issue, the National Intelligence Service of South Korea stated that, “North Korea has been imposing measures to prevent North Koreans from escaping for economic reasons. The NIS has been closely monitoring North Korea’s activities in the China-North Korea border.”

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