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Promoting Awareness through North Korea Freedom Week

DFF acts as the Chair of the North Korea Freedom Coalition. Part of our responsibilities include organizing the North Korea Freedom Week each year to promote the freedom, human rights and dignity of the North Korean people. 

Reaching out to North Koreans

DFF actively promotes creative ways of reaching out to North Korean people. These people are isolated from the rest of the world by the Kim Jong-il regime. 

Among these programs are: 


Free North Korea Radio
North Korea Radio (FNKR), a defectors managed radio program. FNKR educates the North Korean people about democracy, capitalism and human rights by broadcasting true information and history into the North Korea borders.

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Balloon Launches
Working with Park Sang Hak and Fighters for a Free North Korea, DFF finances balloon launches. Each balloon carries a pamphlet with messages from North Korean defectors. These messages describe true conditions and history. In addition, these launches include money to help North Korean families survive, AM/FM/shortwave radios and DVDs.


Letters From America
DFF records the "Letters from America" program for Free North Korea Radio "FNKR". During the course of the radio program, translated letters from Americans are read. Most letters express concerns and hopes for the North Korean people. The purpose of the programs is to give North Koreans a true picture of the American people since the Kim Jong-il regime raises North Koreans to hate Americans. We are often referred as the "Yankee imperialist wolves" who occupy South Korea and prevent unification. 


Rescuing North Korean Refugees

DFF has been one of the major sources of support for the rescue of North Korea refugees out of China. Once in China, refugees--most of whom are women and children--experience a horrific level of sexual exploitation and further suffering. Currently, DFF works closely with Steve Kim and his 318 partners. 



Hosted the first North Korean defectors to speak publicly in the US

Hosted the first survivors of the North Korean political prison camps in the USA

Organized the first US Congressional hearing on North Korea's political prison camps

Helped author and present The Seoul Statement on North Korean Human Rights at the First International Conference on North Korea Human Rights and Refugees

Established the Sin U Nam Rescue Fund and worked to support 318 Partners in their efforts rescuing hundreds of North Korean refugees through the underground railroad

Organized the first protests at Embassies of China to save the North Korean Refugees 

Established and Chaired, North Korean Freedom Day

Established and Chaired, North Korea Freedom Week

Meeting with US President for Han Mee Family (Refugees); Kim Seung Min, Director of Free North Korea Radio; Sakie Yokota and Shigeo Iizuka, Japanese Abductee Family Members

DFF's President, Suzanne Scholte, receives the 2008 Seoul Peace Price

Establish and chaired Save North Korean Refugees Day to promote awareness and action to save North Korean refugees

DFF's President, Suzanne Scholte, receives 2010 Walter Judd Freedom Award