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 5th International Conference of Algiers
"The Right of Peoples to Resistance:
the case of the Saharawi People "
Algiers, 13 & 14 December 2014


Opening Ceremony

The 5th International Conference on "The Right of Peoples to Resistance: The Case of the Saharawi People" was held at Algiers,, on 13th and 14thDecember2014, following the joint invitation of the Algerian National Committee of Solidarity with the Saharawi People (CNASPS) and the Algiers’ Embassy of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR).

360 Participants representing 49 countries* attended and took part to the proceedings of this Conference, which has benefited from the contributions of Parliamentarians, Diplomats, Political Figures, Academics, Jurists, Intellectuals, Media Professionals, NGO’s Representatives and Civil Societies.

A high-level Saharawi delegation was led by H.E. Mohamed Abdelaziz, the President of the Republic and Secretary General of Polisario Front, who in his inaugural speech in front of the participants, has reiterated the firm determination of the Saharawi People, the Polisario Front and the SADR to continue the struggle until to meet the legitimate claims for building a free and democratic State on its national soil.

In his speech, H.E. Mohamed Abdelaziz has brought out the responsibility of the United Nations vis à vis the Western Sahara issue. In this respect, he emphasized and commended the efforts made by Mr. Christopher Ross, the Personal Envoy of the UN Secretary General, to seek a fair and final solution to the conflict in Western Sahara, which would put an end to the sufferings endured by the Saharawi People and enable them to gain independence and sovereignty.

The SADR President H.E. Mohamed Abdelaziz recalled to the audience, the ongoing violations of Human Rights, in the occupied territories of Western Sahara, which have been extensively verified and whose population is persecuted by Morocco's occupation administration.

H.E. Mohamed Abdelaziz emphatically denounced the non implementation of the UN resolutions, which embody the will of the International Community, due to the delaying tactics of the Kingdom of Morocco in the negotiation process, because of obstructionism and arrogance of his leaders who practice the policy of obstruction and defy the international community. By the same token he has also denounced the unjust and unjustifiable support provided to Morocco by some governments, encouraging the Moroccan authorities in their obstruction and criminal obstinacy.

The President of the Republic strongly condemned the terrorist activities in the Sahel region. He clearly reaffirmed his country's support to the territorial integrity and unity of Mali and announced the total willingness of his government to contribute, in an African framework to combat and eradicat terrorism in the region.

The participants to the Conference salute the speech of H.E. Mohamed Abdelaziz, supporting the guidelines set out, and recall that the Western Sahara conflict remains a matter of decolonization, registered as such in the United Nations and stipulated in theresolution1514 of the General Assembly, as outlined in the resolutions of the Security Council and the annual recommendations of the 4thUN Committee.

The Participants to the Conference clearly reaffirmed the Right of the Saharawi People to resistance against the illegal occupation of their territory by the Kingdom of Morocco, as stipulated in Article51 of the United Nations Charter and the resolution3163 of1973 of the UN General Assembly.

The Participants at the Conference listened to the testimony of Sahrawi Human Rights activists who came from the occupied territories of Western Sahara and testified to the repeated violations of human rights against the Sahrawi People. In addition, to these daily violations committed by the Moroccan occupation administration, the Moroccan administration has instituted a media blackout organized with the complacency if not the complicity of European states.

The Participants to the Conference condemn the biased position of the government of France, which has led to a deadlock in the settlement of the Western Sahara conflict.


The Participants also denounced the unacceptable position of the Spanish Government as Spain has an historic responsibility in the Western Sahara conflict.

It was presented on this occasion, a report on the status of the Sahrawi prisoners who are suffering in the Moroccan jails after being subjected to mock trials, and a report on the Sahrawi missing persons.

The participants to the Conference heard with great reprobation a report on the large-scale systematic despoliation of the natural resources of Western Sahara.

After listening to a communication about the general situation of the Sahrawi refugees in the camps near Tindouf, the Participants deeply regret the lack of humanitarian aid, despite the commendable efforts of the UN agencies and Algeria.

In regard to all these facts, and after discussion, the Participants to the conference:

  1. 1.Reaffirm the legitimacy of the national liberation struggle of the Saharawi People and their peaceful resistance against the Moroccan occupation. The Participants commend and encourage the Saharawi in this struggle for their freedom and dignity.


  1. 2.Appeal to the United Nations to honor immediately its doctrine of decolonization through the implementation of its own resolutions related to Western Sahara, by organizing a referendum on self-determination accepted by both countries parties to 1991 settlement plan, and endorsed by the Security Council, which was the purpose of MINURSO in the first place.


  1. 3.Denounce the repeated violations of Human Rights committed by Morocco in Western Sahara, and called on the UN, the European Union, the African Union, international NGOs, and all Human Rights activists throughout the World, to promptly ensure, by all ways and means, the respect by Morocco of Human Rights, and demand the immediate release of all Sahrawi prisoners. In this context, the participants have called the members of the UN Security Cancel to extend without delay enlargement of Minurso mandate to include the monitoring, protection and reporting on human rights in theterritories of Western Sahara


  1. 4.Denounce the systematic looting by Morocco of the natural resources of Western Sahara, in flagrant contradiction with the provisions of the United Nations resolutions on permanent sovereignty of peoples over their natural resources.


  1. 5.Request the United Nations, all its specialized agencies and the entire international community to provide a sufficient multifaceted humanitarian aid in favor of the Sahrawi refugees.


  1. 6. The Participants to the Conference strongly encourage Mr. Christopher Ross, the Personal Envoy of the UN Secretary General, to continue its mediation between the two parties of the Western Sahara conflict, and to engage in serious negotiations between the two parties, and urge all States to provide their support and assistance so he could accomplish his mission whose objective is to find a solution guaranteeing the self determination of the Sahrawi People.


  1. 7.The Participants pay tribute to all support committees to the just cause of the Saharawi People all over the world, which consistently and unconditionally support the fighting of the Polisario Front for freedom and dignity. In this context, the Participants grant special mention to the international observers in charge of the Saharawi prisoners, as well as to the humanitarian players serving the Sahrawi refugees.


  1. 8.The Participants at the conference condemn the biased position of the government of France which has led to a deadlock in the settlement of Western Sahara Conflict.participants have   addressed notably the President of the French Republic, Mr. François Hollande, requesting him to support in this conflict a political path worthy of France and its greatness, consistent with its landmarks and historical battles for freedom and Human Rights, by dispensing justice to the Saharawi People, and in particular by facilitating the expansion of the mandate of the MINURSO to the protection and respect of Human Rights in the occupied territories of Western Sahara. The participants urge the President of France to have France’s official position be in line with scrupulous respect of International Law.


  1. 9.The Participants to the Conference denounce the unacceptable position of the Spanish Government as Spain bears historic responsibility in The Western Sahara Conflict. It has a clear responsibility to support in conformity with the resolutions of the UN Security Council, the Right to self-determination for the Saharawi People, with regard to the historic, moral and political responsibility of Spain in the genesis of the conflict in Western Sahara.


  1. 10.The Participants to the Conference call upon the European Union to stop all trade agreements with the Kingdom of Morocco, which illegally exploit the natural resources of Western Sahara and to adopt a fair policy in favor of self-determination of the Saharawi People. In this context, the participant have denounced the policy of double standards and flagrant contradiction of the European Union vis-à-vis the conflict of Western Sahara.


  1. 11.The participants to the Conference pay tribute to the European MEP’S for their honorable position in stressing the right of self determination of Saharawi People.


  1. 12.The participants note with great appreciation the important presence in the conference of the media professionals who are requested to spread the message of the struggling Sahrawi People and to break the media embargo imposed by Morocco about the realities of Western Sahara and the historic resistance of its people.


  1. 13.The Participants to the International Conference pay a special tribute to Algeria and to His Excellency President Abdelaziz BOUTEFLIKA, for the Algerian constant political position, based on the historical and intangible principles and on the International legality.


The Participants to the International Conference thank Algeria, land of hospitality, for hosting with brotherhood and friendliness, this important meeting and for granting all facilitations to the success of this event.


The Participants to the International Conference also commend the Algerian National Committee of Solidarity with the Saharawi People and the SADR Embassy in Algiers for the excellent organization of the 5th Algiers International Conference.



Algiers, on December 14, 2014




(*) Participating countries: