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Source: Sahara Press Service (SPS)


Washington (United States), April 15, 2017 (SPS) - US Western Sahara  Foundation urged President Donald Trump to take action to end the illegal occupation of Western Sahara, stressing that King of Morocco Mohamed VI undermines the UN-sponsored self-determination process.

In a letter to US president on the eve of a meeting to be held Sunday with Morocco's King, Suzanne Sholte, the NGO's chairwoman, called on the American administration to launch a strong signal to the international community for the settlement of Western Sahara issue, putting an end to occupation.

Describing the US Western Sahara Foundation as "an NGO representing many concerned American citizens," Sholte asked President Trump "to urge the King of Morocco, at a meeting this (Sunday) Easter, to put an end to the illegal and brutal occupation of Western Sahara."

The head of the US foundation added that at the very least, the King must stop undermining the referendum on self-determination pledged by the US a long time ago.

Morocco must stop terrorizing and ill-treating Western Sahara people in the occupied territories, the human rights activist stressed. (SPS)